The Okinawa's largest space about 530 square meters

A 19 faces bouldering wall will be deployed in about 530 square meters ,one of the largest in Okinawa.
From biginners and kids to the highest level climbers in Japan, you can enjoy it.



Okinawa's a first moonboard is also deployed

Okinawa's a first moonboard is also deployed. You can enjoy the challenges created by climbers all over the world.



Ocean-viewing location
Have the best time to relax

The store is located right next to the beach and has terrace seats of about 100 square meters apart from the bouldering space.
After exercising by bouldering, bring in drinks and foods and relax while looking at the ocean.

PRICE  tax included

Initial registration fee

For those who have experienced the bouldering or who only want to visit!
As it is a membership system, registration fee is charged only for the first time (renewal fee, annual fee, etc.are not required).

Initial registration fee
Adult 1,650 Yen
(3 years old to under elementary school)
550 Yen

Beginner’s pack
Beginner’s packLimited to those new to bouldering.

This is enough to start right away!
It's a great value pack with 4 sets!

  • ① Intsructor training
    (about 15-20 minutes)
  • ② Fees for up to 2 hours
    (normal 1,650 Yen)
  • ③ Initial registration fee
    (normal 1,650 Yen)
  • ④ Rental shoes
    (normal 330Yen)
Adult 3,300 Yen
Student 2,970 Yen
Kids 1,870 Yen

Facility usage fee

❶ Use each time

It's OK to leave during your stay, so you can go to lunch or go shopping partway.

Within 2hours Allday
Adult 1,650 Yen 2,090 Yen
Students and kids 1,320 Yen 1,760 Yen

*You can extend the time by paying the difference.

❷ Unlimited commuting Pass

【1 month pass】

Great value plan with all-you-can-use plan for one month from the date of purchase!

This is recommended for those who stay for more than 2 hours at a time or who can go there twice a week.

[Full-day pass] first time continued 1 continued 2~
Adult 13,750 Yen 12,650 Yen 12,100 Yen
Students and kids 12,650 Yen 12,100 Yen 11,000 Yen
[Weekday pass] 9,900 Yen

Special pass

Limited to those who joined with a biginner's pack!
If you purchase within one month of joining, the 1 month pass will be→5,500 Yen!

【Half a year pass】

You can use facilities for six months from the date of purchase.

In addition, it comes with a special bonus that you can 3% off the merchandise within the period!

Adult 69,300 Yen
Students and kids 64,900 Yen

【Year pass】

You can use facilities for a year from the date of purchase.

In addition, it comes with a special bonus that you can 5% off the merchandise within the period!

Adult 133,100 Yen
Students and kids 121,000 Yen

*The expiration date within each pass period from the date of purchase.
*Only the parson himself can use it.
*No reissue will be made due to loss.

Rental goods

You can come ompty-handed! You can rent special tools and dlothes.

shoes 330 Yen
(both top and bottom)
330 Yen
(top or bottom)
220 Yen
(crash pad)
1,650 Yen

Kids school

Target age 6 to 12 years old
Schedule Once a week, 1 hour per session
Admission fee Free
Monthly fee 8,800 Yen
Trial session fee 2,200 Yen


  • ・Students are for junior high, high school, professional, university and graduate students. (You need to show your student ID.)
  • ・Kids are 3 years old to under elementary school age.
  • ・For elementary school students and younger, it is until 21:00, and for junior high and high school students, it is until 21:30.
  • ・If the parents make a reservation for elementary school students there is no problem without making a reservation for their children.
     Please make an individual reservation for junior high school students.
  • ・It is prohibited to use it alone elementary school students and younger.
    Please be sure to come with your parents.
  • ・The last admission time is 1 hour before closing.
    (Except for those who have the 1 month pass, half a year pass, and year pass.)
  • ・The payment is also 1 hour before closing.


D.Bouldering Okinawa toyosaki

3 Toyosaki, Tomigusuku city, Okinawa prefecture
Iias Okinawa Toyosaki 3F

Approximately 6 km from Naha Airport (about 20 minutes by car)

Weekdays: 10:00-23:00
Saturday, Sunday, and national holidays: 10:00-21:00
*The last admission time is 1 hour before closing.
Regular holiday: Irregular holiday

Phone number: 098-851-3990

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