Would you like to become an operating partner of one of the world’s best bouldering gyms?
Using a world-leading level of know-how, we provide full support from design and construction through to operation.



Advantages of becoming a bouldering gym management partner

Why did Japan become a bouldering powerhouse?
Bouldering has become an Olympic sport and is rapidly gaining recognition.
Japan has had an increasing number of outlets for more than 30 years and now has the largest number of outlets in the world.
In Japan, with its small geographical area, only a small shop floor space was available for use.
Because of that, ingenuity was used in the construction of the bouldering wall.
As a result, know-how in wall-building has been accumulated, and at the recent World Championships, Japanese athletes dominated from 1st to 3rd place.


Largest number of stores in the world

Why we are the best partner for you
As part of this context, our company operates 10 stores, the largest number in Japan.
The company operates a wide variety of stores ranging in size from 150 square meters to 1,600 square meters, all of which have been successfully monetized.
We have the greatest level of expertise in bouldering gym operations in the world.




World-class course creation know-how

Meticulous operational support system
The three factors that determine whether the operation of bouldering gyms is successful or not are “design of the bouldering wall”, “regular course changes”, and “a program that maintains a steady stream of clients.”

“Bouldering Wall Design”

In the pre-opening design, we design the most appropriate bouldering wall for the location and size of the facility. We will work with you to put together the most profitable wall design and layout based on our operational experience.

“Regular Course Changes”

Course changes are a major factor in keeping customers coming to the gym.
It is not enough to simply change the course, but to set the level of difficulty and variation according to the store's situation,
so that the number of members continues to increase.

“Programs to Maintain a Steady Stream of Customers”

In addition to the course changes, we expect further membership growth by offering a variety of services and programs.
We specialize in school programs for children as well as adults, and
we aim to increase the number of members for both adults and children.


Consistently from construction to operation

We have an experienced staff that enables us to launch, operate, and market a successful gym
We have five staff members who have competed in world championships.
We also have eight people on our staff with more than 10 years of experience working in bouldering gyms.
These people are dispatched directly to the site to provide detailed management and guidance.


The company has been around for 300 years

Founded in 1715 AD. Starting from an oil wholesaler,
It has survived while changing its business style with the times.
The motto is “trust and peace of mind”. We will do a solid deal over the long term.
6. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns regarding costs.

About Company Profile

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or
concerns regarding costs.