Creating something new and indispensable

We are a 300-year-old company that started out as an oil wholesaler,
and we currently operate gas stations throughout Japan.

In Japan long ago, oil was a precious commodity, and the business of distributing it was of high importance. It was, in fact, indispensable.
The same is true of gas stations, where the presence of cars was indispensable to the rapid economic growth of the country. We take pride in the fact that the gas stations that supported this were the arteries of Japan.

The world of today has a wide range of social systems in place, and it is difficult to create something new and indispensable. In such a society, we believe what is required is not infrastructural necessities, but necessities that can support mental wellbeing.


One of them is bouldering.

Bouldering is a somewhat niche, lifelong sport that can be enjoyed by people from three years old to senior citizens, all in one place. Facing the same wall, communicating with each other regardless of gender and age, a new community is born.

Drawn together by their common interest, many people who do bouldering make lifelong friends or even get married.
They get married, have kids, and then the kids also take up bouldering.
In this way, bouldering becomes something indispensable for them.

In the past, we focused on building essential social infrastructure.
From now on, we want to create essential spaces for people to be healthy, both physically and mentally.

This will be our philosophy moving forward.

About operating partner of one of the world’s best bouldering gyms


Our Bisiness


Food & Beverage Business
Special coffee & wine shop「Utsuwa Coffee&Wine」
banana juice shop「BANANA BOON」
Fruitsand & banana juice「GINZA FRUIT BOON」


SS Business
Industry’s No.1, Commissioned Self-Consumption Gas Station Operation at More than 500 Locations Nationwide
As a core business, we are also developing a recruitment consulting business.


Sales Promotion Business
In addition to developing novelties and producing flyers for gas stations and newspaper stores,
Development of various collaborative products that transcend the boundaries of manufacturers


Vending Machine Business
Using vending machines in special locations such as ferry ships and factories
Operation of auto restaurants and planning and sales of original frozen lunch boxes


Employee Benefits Business
As one of the few authorized distributors of Benefit One Co., Ltd. to companies
nationwide Proposal of welfare services & consulting business


Food Business
Our buyers sell carefully selected ingredients from all over the country in apan on the Internet (Rakuten, Yahoo, etc.)


Flower Business
Flower shop “Utsuwa flower” is featuring sophisticated design
At the same time, the Internet (Rakuten, Yahoo, etc.) is also expanding.


Bouldering Business
We have eight bouldering gyms.
Also produced Jim & Bouldering Wall


Environmental Health Business
Focusing on special cleaning business for cars, various types of hypochlorous acid water etc.
Developing a sales agency business that handles hygiene products
Company Profile


Company name Daiki Corporation
Founded in 1715
Established in January,1983
Capital 64.5million yen(group total)
Net Sales 4billion, one hundred million (fy2021)
Board of management
  • ChairmanMisako Shimada
  • PresidentMasakazu Shimada
  • DirectorYuu Fujita/Hongo Tsuji Audit Corporation
  • Senior AdviserHagemi Inada/ex Ryoka Marine Corporation
  • AdviserShoji Ikegai/Nippon Rad Corporation
  • AuditorTerukazu Shizawa/Fujioka Hotel & Resort Corporation
  • Certified Public Tax Accountant Adviser Office
  • Hongo Tsuji Audit Corporation
  • Legal advisor Office
  • Torikai Law Office
  • Labor and Social Security Attorney
  • KS Management and Labor Consultant Office 
Employees 2,813(as of April 1, 2022)

Tokyo head office

Tokyo head office
#6 2-29-10 Shiba,Minato-ku,

West Japan branch office

West Japan branch office
#3 1-1-1 Miyahara,Yodogawa-ku,