D.Bouldering HACHIOJI(ディーボルダリング八王子OPA店)

ABOUTAbout D Bouldering Hachioji OPA

Play in your daily life, sitmulate in your life.
A move within reach, it become a habit to have a sense of accomplishment.
Feel the excitement, feel the joy!

D Bouldering welcomes everyone who is aiming for higher , "one more move."


Everyone is Welcome!
Let's start with the same level of course as the ladder!
There are mats of just the right firmness, so you don't have to worry if it falls off.
You can enjoy it at your own pace or work hard on difficult courses.
Make Exercise A Daily Habit
Little by little everyday? Every other day? Every weekend?
There are always more than 100 challenges waiting for you with a wide variety!
You can enjoy it alone or in a group, so it's attractive that it's easy to continue.
Kid-Friendly Gym
Kids only area is welcome from 2 years old!
We have a rest area for adults and some toys.
If your child wants to work harder, we recommend regular use for lessons!
A New Gathering Place
Enjoy your rest time with your friends
in an attractive space that makes you want to gather!
You can read by yourself or use it as a workspace.
Store facility
店舗設備 店舗設備


The latest and deal infomations are being distributed!

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Go when you want, as much as you want, according to your lifestyle.
Check our News and SNS for special offers!

New to boulderingWe have a special beginner's pack for those new to bouldering!

We have a special beginner's pack for those new to bouldering!
Beginner-only Beginner's pack
No reservation required!
Pack Contents
Pack Contents Pack Contents
  • Bouldering beginners will be guided from the beginner's pack.
  • Kids must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. (ex.) First visit→Only registration fee
  • Please bring easy-to-move clothes and socks for the experience.
  • Not available to experienced users.
  • *available from 16cm. Please bring a pair of indoor shoes if you are smaller than 16cm.

Experienced boulderers

Initial registration fee*Only for the first time use
Adult・Student 1,650yen
Elementary school students and younger
(from 2 years old)
Usage fee
*slide left
target Hours of use Weekday Saturdays, Sundays, and National Holidays
Adult 1 hour 990yen 1,210yen
2 hours 1,870yen 1,980yen
All day 2,090yen 2,200yen
Student 1 hour 880yen 990yen
2 hours 1,430yen 1,540yen
All day 1,650yen 1,760yen
Elementary school student and younger 1 hour 880yen 990yen
2 hours 1,210yen 1,430yen
All day 1,430yen 1,650yen

Rental goods・Others

Rental goods
Item Fee
Shoes* 330yen
Chalk 330yen
Contents Fee
Tour fee 550yen
Registration fee for other stores 550yen
Reissue of membership card 110yen
Locker rental
(1 month)
  • Kids can use from 2 years old.
  • Students are for junior high, high school, professional, university and graduate students.
    (You need to show your student ID.)
  • It is prohibited to use it alone elementary school students and younger. Please be sure to come with your parents.
  • For high school students and younger, it is until 21:30.
  • *available from 16cm. Please bring a pair of indoor shoes if you are smaller than 16cm.
Payment Methods
Credit card
Some electronic money, etc.
are available.